Don´t spend your money for flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. We are your crew on site. Highly qualified, professional, lost of experience, wide range of knowledge about the country and its people will lead your project into success here in Spain or Portugal.

Jochen Bartelt is founder and owner of JobArtMedia Ltd. We are offering TV and Media services since 2001. Our focus you can see below. Please don´t hesitate to contact us at any time to discuss your project or give you a quotation.

Jochen Bartelt

lighting Film Cameraman, professionell TV-Crews

We offer high quality camera crews with sufficient knowledge about all different kind of TV formats and working situations. News, Reportages, Sports Programms, Documantaries etc. until Corporate Videos. We have shot this very often and know how to get the best result. We work with all kind of common camera systems. Our equipment ist very well maintained and also well known by our passionated operators. We feature lots of experience in productions in Spain, Portugal or overseas. You will be 100% satisfied with the material you get shooting with us. On top you will enjoy the shoot having a good working atmosphere

Premiere Laptop Editing MacBookPro

1-Man Crew and on top full service. You have a project in Spain, Portugal or wherever and need to shoot, edit and put it somewhere on a server?? Or you want to send a rough cut or images somewhere? You can’t come here and need fast professional service ? Or you might have a project abroad and look for a cameraman who also knows to edit, voiceover and put it on a server ?? Here you are at the right contact. I do all this. Last time in Rio de Janeiro Olympic games for ARD german public Television.

Planning, Production support, Stringer

i live in Spain since 15 years and can be proud to say that there are very few places on the map of iberian peninsula and islands where we have´nt put the tripod. In many Productions and Pre-productions of documentaries, TV reports or events we where participating from our office or on set. Especially in Spain its so necessary to know how to deal with the local people, to discover all kind of inaccuracies and to finish on time. We know this wonderful country with its people like nobody else. This guaranties you a totally successful production and nevertheless, control about the costs. We are so passionated to offer you our service.

2 studies in Fotography

My studied profession is Photographer with 4 degrees and 2 certificates in Frankfurt. In former times i used to work with my small 36mm Nikon F3 camera, 6×7 Midle size Mamiya and large format camera 4×5 until 8×10 inch. Still have these cameras